Recycling Center

  • The Recycling Center is open normal hours.
  • The window for household trash, paper, glass and steel cans are operating as usual, there are no doors that need to be touched to open them. 
  • Aluminum cans and all plastic bottles can be held (if you choose to) for later recycling or they can be bagged and thrown into the trash.
  • Please observe social distancing when at the GRC or as CJ put it "Throw and Go!"
  • Use of the Recycling Center is restricted to Greenfield residents and taxpayers only.
  • Use requires a facilities sticker for your vehicle, available at the Town offices for no charge.
  • All users are required to separate articles of trash (see current hand-out for more info or ask the attendant for help).
  • All trash presented for disposal maybe subject to inspection and refusal by the attendant. Repeated failure to separate correctly will result in a fine.
  • Fees for disposal apply to certain articles (see current hand-out for more info) and may vary with the changing costs of disposal. Such changes will be posted.
  • Fees are to be paid to the attendant.

Email to the Recycling Center

Staff Contacts

Name Title
William Gaudette Recycling Attendant
Stephen Slosek Recycling Attendant
Caleb "CJ" Hall Supervisor