Oak Park

Greenfield Oak Park

Park Rental Info:

  • Resident Park Rental Fee:  $75.00/day
    • High Impact Events:  Resident $125.00/day
  • Non-resident Park Rental Fee:  $200.00/day
    • High Impact Events:  Non-resident $300.00/day
  • Town Event, no fee
    • Joint event between Town & others, no fee
  • Pavilion Only Resident Fee:  $25.00/day
    • Pavilion Only Non-resident Fee:  $50.00/day
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Use Resident Fee:  $50.00/day (with Park Rental)
    • Kitchen & Bathroom Use Non-resident Fee:  $100.00/day (with Park Rental)
  • Bathrooms Only Resident Fee:  $25.00/day (with Park Rental)
    • Bathrooms Only Non-resident Fee:  $50.00/day (with Park Rental)
  • Other fees may apply depending on the use

For more information on renting the park, please see the Oak Park Rental Contract application form and the Municipal Facility Policies & Procedures.  Alcohol is not allowed on town property without advanced approval by the Board of Selectmen.  See the Oak Park Alcohol Permit application form.

Please keep the park clean for everyone's pleasure. 
Oak Park is a carry-in carry-out park.

Report any vandalism or inappropriate behavior to the 
Greenfield Police Department: call 547-2535 or in an Emergency call 911.

Enjoy our beautiful facility. Have a great day of play!

Email the Admin Assistant for Scheduling

Email the Department of Public Works (DPW)

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Aaron K. Patt Town Administrator (603) 547-3442 ext. 1
James Morris DPW
Wendy Drouin Admin Assistant