Greenvale Cemetery will be open May 1st.

The burial fees are going up by $50. Weekday burials will be $700; Saturday $750; Sunday $800. Cremation burials remain at $150. The price increase is due to the digger's requirements.

Greenvale Cemetery is open seasonally. 

The gates are closed: 1st snow thru mud season.

Call Trustee’s for burial scheduling.

There are (4) four town cemeteries in Greenfield:

  • Greenvale Cemetery on Forest Road/Route 31 So.
  • Meeting House/Old Church Cemetery behind the Meeting House between Sawmill and Francestown Roads.
  • Shea/Knight Cemetery off Slip Road.
  • Whittemore Cemetery on New Boston Road.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title
Margaret Charig Bliss Cemetery Trustee
Lee LeBlanc Cemetery Trustee