Fire Department

Greenfield Fire Department Mission Statement:

We, the men and women of the Greenfield Fire Department, do solemnly swear to serve and protect the citizens of the Town of Greenfield by providing the highest quality fire suppression, emergency medical service, disaster management, fire prevention and public education that we possibly can.

We believe in excellence. We lead by example and take great pride in service. Our strength comes from our members… smart, well trained, humble, dedicated, hard working and safe.

We believe in courage. We must remain steadfast and determined in our mission to protect those we have sworn to serve no matter how dire or stressful the conditions we face.

We believe in integrity. We value the public’s trust and are committed to honest and ethical behavior. We keep the promises we make, we respect each other… and all those we serve.

We believe in compassion. We vow to be kind and caring at all times. We strive to provide comfort at every turn.

We believe in ourselves. We are a family. Given the dangerous nature of our mission… we do act as our brother/sister’s keeper. We are committed and accountable to each other because our very lives depend on it.

Prevent Harm, Alleviate Suffering... Survive. Treat All with Kindness and Dignity.  This is our mission.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
David Hall Fire Chief / Deputy Fire Warden 2 (603) 547-2222
Jeff LaCourse Deputy Chief / Deputy Fire Warden 3 Cell: (603) 582-3289
Michael Borden Captain / Deputy Fire Warden 4 / Code Enforcement Officer Cell: (603) 547-0437
Chaz Babb Captain / Deputy Fire Warden 5 Cell: (603) 562-0545
Doug Batty Rescue Captain Cell: (603) 903-2085
David Simmons Lieutenant Cell: 508-409-1590
Tyler Chilelli Lieutenant Cell: 603-493-9512
David Martin Emergency Management Director Cell: (603) 400-9941
Eugene Hennessy Forest Fire Warden (603) 718-3936