Building Inspector/Code Officer

Building Permits - The Building Inspector or Assistant Building Inspector grant building permits. You may obtain an building permit application packet or utility permit form from the Town Office staff during regular buisness hours or you can make an appoitment if needed. Building Permit fees are subject to change. The Building Inspector will determine the fee required for each approved permit.

The Building Permit Application form on the web is for reference only. You must complete a 3-part form to apply.

911 Numbers - Updates to the 911 list are done monthly by the Bookkeeper. New owners and new construction create changes to the information on file. The Building Inspector assigns a "temporary" 911 number to new homes when a building permit is granted and then the State of N.H. assigns the perminant number. The home owner is notified by mail when a perminant number has been assigned to their property.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Michael Borden Building Inspector & Code Enforcement Officer Cell: (603) 547-0437