Planning Board

1) The applicant may request a meeting with the Board to discuss a proposal in conceptual form and in general terms. Although this phase is strictly optional, the Board strongly suggests that the applicant avail him/ herself of the opportunity to resolve any issues at this early stage that might become a problem later on. Such preapplication consultation shall be informal and directed toward:
     a) Reviewing the basic concepts of the proposal.
     b) Reviewing the proposal with regard to the master plan and zoning ordinance.
     c) Explaining the local regulations that may apply to the proposal.
     d) Determination of the proposal as a major, minor, or technical subdivision.
     e) Guiding the applicant relative to state and local requirements.
2) Preliminary conceptual consultation shall not bind the Applicant or the Board. Such discussion may occur without formal public notice, but must occur only at a posted meeting of the Board. 

Note: Please contact the PB directly by phone or email below. Ask to be on their Agenda for a PCC.

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Board Members

Name Title
George Rainier Member (2027)
Robert Walling Chair (2026)
Marc "Dave" Thimmell Alternate
Michelle Hall Minute Taker
Iris Waitt Member (2025)
Bow Smith Member (2026)
Nicholas Zotto Vice-Chair (2027)
Thomas Bascom Selectman's Rep.
Catrina Mamczak Secretary (2025)