Bookkeeping/Accounting Department

The bookkeeper has many duties for the Town of Greenfield:

Accounts Payable (pay bills) - If you have billed the Town for service or materials and you have any questions about payment, please give me a call. All invoices need to be sent to the Office Manager, please do not give invoices to any department. Invoices are processed through this office first. Then, the department head approves them before payment. A/P checks are done biweekly/every other week and are released by Friday.

Payroll (pay employees) - All employees are processed through this office. Time cards are submitted biweekly by department heads. Our week-ending day is every other Sunday. Pay checks are available on Friday. Employee Handbooks are given to each employee. Please read them. If you have any questions or concerns, please call or come in and see the Town Administrator.

Intent to Cut forms and Timber Tax - All forms are processed within 30 days. The bookkeeper receives the forms, verifies the data and forwards to the Tax Collector, Town Forester and the Board of Selectmen for approval. If you are planning to cut timber on your property, and you have any concerns, it is a good idea to ask the Town Forester - Karla Allen.

911 Data - Updates to the 911 list are done monthly. New owners and new construction create changes to the information on file. The Building Inspector assigns a temporary 911 number to new homes and the State of N.H. assigns the permanent number. The home owner is notified when a number has been assigned to their property.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Catherine Shaw Office Manager (603) 547-3442 ext. 2