Children's Book Clubs

2018 Winner
Ghosts- 2018 Winner

Ladybug Book Club Kindergarten- Grade 1 Monthly at 4:00 pm @ the library
Ms. Julie and the group choose a book to inter library loan, check out and read. Children read the book at home and then come together to read it again and talk about the story and follow up with an activity relating to the theme. The next Book club selection will be "Bunny's Book Club" by Annie Silvestro on September 14th at 3:45 pm.

Puma Bound 2nd-4th at 3:45  pm @ the library- title yet to be determined on October 5th, 2018.  Ms. Beverly and the group all read the same book and then come together to discuss the main ideas of the book and do an activity together

Great Stone Face Book Club
Read three titles from the 2018-19 nominee list and give your reviews to us. First GSF book club meetng will be Friday September 28th at 3:45 pm.

Isinglass and Flume Award Book Club - get together with your reading buddies and pick a winner from the lists. Ask us for a book mark with all the nominees. Give us a review and be entered to win a pizza!