Registration of Vehicles


You must register your vehicle in the town that you reside in. If you are a new resident, you need to provide proof of residency in order to obtain a registration. If you have moved, you have 10 days to make a change of address or to change your name per Statute 261:55.

You can purchase license plates and M.V. stickers from the Town Clerk for a $2.50 fee, in addition to the State registration fee. We now have: Moose, Trailer, Motorcycle, Tractor & Agri. plates here.

Special Plates: Commercial & Veteran need to be obtained from the State of NH, D.M.V. at any DMV location or the closest are in Concord, Milford or Keene.

Application for Walking Disability Privileges (for H/C plate or placard) need to be submitted to the State of NH, DMV; not the town.  See application for more detailed instructions.

Moose Plates - Fees go to State Conservation. You can get them only at the time of your regular renewal or with a new registration. Fees:

  • New Plate (one time fee): $8.00
  • Conservation Plate (same as vanity plate): $30.00
  • Every year thereafter at renewal: $30.00