Selectboard Minutes

Meeting date: 
Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Town of Greenfield

7 Sawmill Road, Greenfield, NH 03047

Selectboard’s Minutes

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 – 4:30 PM


Selectboard: Chairwoman Margaret Charig Bliss, Selectwoman Karen Day, Selectman Robert Marshall

Staff: Aaron Patt, Town Administrator; David Martin, EMD; Rick McQuade, DPW B&G; Bill Nichols, Moderator; Brian Giammarino, Police Chief; Diane Boilard, Library Trustee Chair

Public: Tom Bascom, Nannette Perrotte

Documents for Review/Approval:

  1. A/P Check Register dated 6/17/2020.
  2. Selectboard Minutes – 6/08

Other letters/ items for Discussion/Signature (updated 5pm):

1. Broadband Committee – Creation and appointments

2. Genlantis Invoice – Ozone Generator

3. Report on lease purchase – DPW Mack Truck

 4:30 PM: Virtual Meeting Open – Dial In 1+717-275-8940

The meeting was called to order at 5:30pm. Chairwoman Charig Bliss welcomed everyone to the virtual Selectboard meeting. Chairwoman Charig Bliss opened the meeting and read a statement provided by the Attorney General’s office regarding virtual meetings. “As Chair of the Selectboard, I find that due to the State of Emergency declared by the Governor as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and in accordance with the Governor’s Emergency Order #12 pursuant to Executive Order 2020-04, this public body is authorized to meet electronically.

Please note that there is no physical location to observe and listen contemporaneously to this meeting, which was authorized pursuant to the Governor’s Emergency Order. However, in accordance with the Emergency Order, I am confirming that we are providing public access to the meeting by telephone.  We are currently working on providing additional access possibilities by video or other electronic means, however, we are a small town and that is not feasible for tonight’s call.

We are utilizing for this electronic meeting. All members of the Board have the ability to communicate contemporaneously during this meeting through this platform, and the public has access to contemporaneously listen and, if necessary, participate in this meeting through dialing the access number posted online or by following the directions on the Meeting Instructions link from the Selectboard’s page on the website. The Website address is

We previously gave notice to the public of the necessary information for accessing the meeting, including how to access the meeting telephonically. If there are problems with access, please email the Town Administrator and he will attempt to help you in real time. In the event the public is unable to access the meeting, the meeting will be adjourned and rescheduled.

Please note that all votes that are taken during this meeting shall be done by roll-call vote.

Let’s start the meeting by taking a roll-call attendance. When each member states their presence, please also state whether there is anyone in the room with you during this meeting, which is required under the Right-to-Know law. “

Each selectperson noted that they were alone. EMD David Martin is home alone. DPW Manager Rick McQuade is at the DPW building alone. Chief Giammarino is in his office alone.

The Chair stated:  “at this point I would ask that everyone mute their phones by pressing * (star) 6 (six). If there isn’t time for your questions tonight, you can email the Town Administrator and request to be on the agenda during the next meeting. If you have technical difficulties on your end with your computer, laptop, or other electronic device email the Town Administrator if you having trouble connecting in real-time and we’ll try to be of help.

Gov. Sununu’s Emergency Order #16 prohibits gatherings greater than 10 people. We'll ask that - to the extent possible - you submit your questions/concerns/comments to the Town Administrator via email in advance so we can have answers ready. Remember to charge whatever device you are using in advance of the meeting. I can assure you everyone in your town government is doing everything in their capacity to ensure your safety, their safety and Greenfield's future. With that said, I would invite participants to bring issues before the Board.”

4:30 PM: Rick McQuade, DPW Buildings & Grounds

The Chair welcomed Mr. McQuade to the meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss a list of projects for municipal facilities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Chair outlined a number of possible projects for the Town Office to start. Topics include changes to the facility, work and cleaning processes, and a discussion about the building layout. A discussion was held on changes to certain work flow and internal traffic routines in the building. Chief Giammarino offered his concerns that the back room to the Police Department should remain off limits for use by other staff because the department uses the office as a booking room. A discussion on the break room was held and whether it was possible to wall off the building inspector’s office and the waiting room at the Town Office. Funding for these changes is reimbursable through the CARES Act as long as its accounted for within the time frame of the grant. It was noted that the Department Heads would be requested to provide information relative to their facilities as a next step. At the conclusion of the discussion, the Chair noted an agreement by the Board to put up a wall in the waiting area separating the staff offices and to provide a separate manageable space for the public in the future. A discussion on whether the space could be cleaned by ozone was held.

Next the Selectboard held a discussion on Oak Park and the recreation area. The Board concluded the discussion by agreeing that the park could be open for use “at your own risk”. Signs will be put in place. On a motion by Selectman Marshall and a second by Selectwoman Day, the Board held a roll-call vote of 3-0 in favor of opening the recreation area for use by the public as an “at-your-own-risk” facility.

6:00 PM: David Martin, Emergency Management Director

At 6:05pm, the Selectboard heard a report from EMD Martin. Mr. Martin brought forward a flyer from the Emergency Management Response Team (EMRT). The EMRT would like the Board to accept and approve the flyer and have it mailed out. The Selectboard discussed the flyer and agreed that it was ready for mailing. The Board reached a consensus to mail out the flyer.

Next, EMD Martin discussed the McGurty Maintenance Cleaning contract with the Selectboard. At the conclusion of the discussion, EMD Martin provided his thoughts on cleaning versus sanitizing. He stated that cleaning is critical during the pandemic. He stated that the employees are not cleaners. Cleaning the office space is not part of their job description. He followed on these thoughts with a discussion on sterilization.

7:00 PM: Selectboard Business Meeting

At 6:52 pm, the Selectboard took up several business items. The first is the establishment of a broadband committee to research the ability of the town to bond for a town-wide broadband installation similar to efforts by other local towns. The Board met with Tom Bascom and Nanette Perrotte, two volunteers willing to spearhead such a committee. Selectman Marshall suggested that the results from the EDAC broadband survey should be reviewed. At the conclusion of a discussion, Selectman Marshall made a motion to establish a committee to study broadband, to see if it can be placed on the 2021 warrant, and to appoint Mr. Bascom and Ms. Perrotte to the committee. The motion was seconded by Selectwoman Day. On a roll-call vote the Board voted 3-0 in favor.

At 6:38pm, the Selectboard welcomed Bill Nichols, Moderator, to the meeting. The Selectboard discussed the upcoming elections and process for voting, with the Moderator. Selectwoman Day discussed the possibility of the town providing PPE (masks and gloves) to voters and to poll workers. She stated that the polls are usually covered by volunteers and some people who are in age and health related risk categories may not feel comfortable providing support this year. A discussion on cleaning protocols for voters was discussed. The discussion also outlined opportunities for voters such as voting by mail and studying the potential for a drive through process. Moderator Nichols stated that he would reach out to the Town Clerk and then let the Board know if there is anything they can do to support the elections.

At 6:30pm, the Chair reviewed the Consent Agenda and the A/P Manifests of 6/17. On a motion by Selectwoman Day and a second by the Chair, the Board voted by roll-call vote to approve the A/P Manifest, 3-0 in favor.

Next, the Board reviewed the Minutes of June 8th and the Chair outlined a correction that was required. The Board requested that the Minutes of June 8th be edited for the Chair’s changes and brought back to their next meeting.

The Selectboard reviewed an email from Mason Parker as a resident, relative to his interest in seeing Oak Park opened. The Chair noted that the Board has voted earlier in the evening to open Oak Park to certain recreation activities in an “at-your-own-risk” capacity.

The Chair brought forward a formal complaint received from a resident earlier in the day, regarding recent Emergency Management Response Team (EMRT) minutes that make characterizations about the resident’s concerns. Selectman Marshall stated that the role of a public body is to listen to criticism from people who are fulfilling their civic duty and asking questions of that body. He stated that the complaint is a valid complaint; it is not the role of a public body to cast judgments on people asking question, but “to listen and make adjustments to your messaging”. The Chair agreed and stated that the minutes of a public body should maintain an objective stance and not single out individuals. Selectwoman Day agreed and stated that she has tried to talk to the EMRT about this, but, “people [in the group] were upset. She stated she would talk to them about it again. The Board agreed to have Selectwoman Day follow-up on the complaint.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Selectboard reviewed several items. The first is the need to accommodate Selectman Marshall and hold the June 25th meeting earlier in the day so the he can attend a ConVal Selectmen’s Advisory Committee meeting. The next item was porta-potties on the beach – the Board is of a consensus to put them out at both beaches. There followed a discussion of the buoys at Sunset Lake, which the Board resolved by requesting that a single line of buoys be installed on the left side to separate the boat ramp from the swimming area. The beach will continue to be ‘Swim-at-your-own-risk” for the summer. Lastly, the Board agreed to have Selectman Marshall draft a letter to the Planning Board Chair regarding solar installations.

There being no further business the Board voted to adjourn


At 7:26pm, Selectman Marshall made a motion to adjourn the meeting; the motion was seconded by the Chair. The motion carried 3-0 in a roll-call vote.